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Master Thesis: How over-the-air update technology revolutionizes the development process and lifecycle orientation of Automotive OEMs

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9/6/2023 -
FEV Consulting GmbH


FEV Consulting is the FEV Group's technology-driven top management consultancy. We act as a guide between strategy development and product realization in today's global environment. We do not simply work for companies, but for our customers - people who want to move society forward. That's why we develop and optimize technical product concepts with our focus on customer benefit, feasibility, sustainability and profitability. 

Work together with us on challenging projects from different areas of the mobility, transportation and energy sectors.
Sample topics include: sustainable vehicle and mobility concepts, business transformations to maintain future viability, coupling the energy and transportation sectors, digital services, and business development for innovation.


In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, Over-the-Air (OTA) technologies have emerged as a game-changer for implementing and updating vehicle functions and features over the course of the whole vehicle life. This master's thesis delves into the transformative power of OTA technologies and their profound impact on Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), potentially reshaping their development processes and vehicle lifecycle strategies. The importance of this topic lies in its potential to address critical challenges faced by OEMs, including the need for continuous software updates, enhanced vehicle connectivity, and customer-centric product lifecycles.

This research will comprehensively analyze various OTA technologies from a technological perspective as well as from application perspective, ranging from software updates to diagnostics and remote feature activations. It will investigate how these technologies are revolutionizing vehicle development, enabling real-time improvements, and extending the lifecycle of vehicles. Furthermore, the study will assess how these changes influence OEM strategies, from product planning to customer relationship management.

Potential research question: "How are Over-the-Air technologies transforming the development processes and lifecycle strategies of Automotive OEMs, and what are the strategic implications for OEMs in terms of cost, quality, and customer satisfaction?"


  • You are completing your master's degree in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, business administration, economics or a comparable course of study at a leading university
  • You have exceptional academic performance and impress us with your personal profile
  • You ideally gained inital practical experience in consulting or a technical industry
  • You have very good analytical skills
  • You are a motivated and committed team player
  • You have very good knowledge of MS Office applications
  • You communicate very well in English, and you are ideally fluent in the local office language - both verbally and in writing


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Sina Aumann
Human Resources - FEV Consulting GmbH

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