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Thesis: Will there be enough hydrogen for decarbonization for the transportation sector, and if so, at what price?

Will there be enough hydrogen for decarbonization for the transportation sector, and if so, at what price?

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Hydrogen is showing increasing signs of becoming a central element in the transformation of the transportation sector. Thee successful adoption of hydrogen in the transport sector depends to a large extent on the market price. In the medium term, this price is determined by supply and demand.

Within the scope of this master thesis, a model is to be created that describes the future supply and demand situation of hydrogen. The results are to be interpreted and validated and based on this, an economic analysis for the use of hydrogen in the transport sector is to be carried out.


  • Degree in industrial engineering or a similar course of study
  • Outstanding analytical and communication skills
  • High level of commitment and dedication
  • Distinct creativity and team spirit

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