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Thesis: ML-based analysis of the maturity of novel technologies

ML-based analysis of the maturity of novel technologies

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FEV Consulting
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With regard to novel technologies, there is often discussion about their level of maturity and the likelihood that they will be implemented. Currently, this is often decided on the basis of experts who are knowledgeable in their respective fields. However, these experts are not always independent, or they do not have all the information at their disposal. 

This is where ML-based analysis comes in. By automatically collecting various sources of information (e.g. websites, scientific publications), enriched with expert knowledge and in combination with machine learning, it should be possible to provide an estimate of the maturity level.

Your main tasks: 

  • Development of a scoring system for novel technologies using ML
  • Implementation of a prototypical application


  • Background in data analytics and machine learning / coding
  • Study of Computer Science, business informatics, Industrial, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or a related field of study

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